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Football, or Soccer, is incredibly popular in Thailand. Many of our staff love to play football and use that passion to help build community and show the Father’s love.

Kids Club


Every Saturday morning and then again Saturday evening we practice and play football with kids from two local villages. We have grown very close to the families of these boys and they have such a special place in our hearts! These guys absolutely love football and jump at any chance to practice more and improve their game. They have not only learned technique, but continue to learn how to serve other and play as a team.  Looking ahead, one of our staff hopes to start a Football Church with some boys soon and meet weekly to learn more about Jesus and then play football.

Evening Games with Friends


Due to Mae Sai being a border town, there are so many different peoples here. Often times the Burmese and Thai guys who play in the evenings don’t like to play together, but through Borders United our guys have really worked hard to bring all different nationalities and languages together. Through these relationships formed by playing football, we believe God can bring greater restoration!

Church Fellowship Football


Every week a group of us get together to play football. This group is different every week, but often includes local pastors and churches as well as missionaries from various different ministries. These times of fellowship are so much fun and help to bring us, as the body of Christ, closer together.