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We believe God is raising up a generation of believers that will go throughout all of Asia to boldly share the truth and love of God.

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We have had the privilege to teach local evangelists how to make water filters and toilets out of materials that can be found in remote locations.

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Whether it is teaching migrant workers to read and write Thai or running English Camps for kids, we always find ourselves both studying and teaching many different languages!

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YWAM Borders has partnered with a number doctors and nurses to teach ministers how to recognize and treat common diseases.

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Discipleship training is a chance to draw closer to God, hear what He has for your life and then step out into your calling.

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 The ability to communicate effectively is a huge need in cross-cultural ministry. Many people from minority groups that we work with are migrant workers from surrounding nations that have never learned to read or write. They have come to Thailand seeking more opportunities. Teaching language is one such way that we are able to open more doors for both students and adults to live fuller and more connected lives.


YWAM Borders has had the opportunity to partner with local pastors and evangelists from the surrounding region and host clean water trainings. Ministers have learned how to make a variety of different water filters that can be replicated in the village context as well as how to craft handmade toilets. With these skills, they are able to address a huge sanitary need in many villages as well as use these skills to go places that previously would never be open to the Gospel!


By training local ministers who work in remote villages in basic medical care, the prevention and early detection of deadly diseases is now possible. Whether it is Tuberculosis or Malaria, these pastors and evangelists are being equipped to not only pray for the sick and see them be healed, but also to administer the basic medical care that may be needed in remote locations.


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